14 October, 2019
15 March, 2020
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Danilo and the illusion of Mogi

Group A was very hard, it was close to staying out, but Mogi Das Cruzes took out his character and got into the quarterfinals. The Brazilian team is used to playing decisive instances and wants to show it again in the quarterfinals of the Basketball Champions League Americas, when it faces to Quimsa.

Danilo Fuzaro was one of the best of Mogi in the first phase, he spoke with the BCLA and said: "Quimsa's team is very strong, they qualified first so you have to be focused. They beat Franca and showed his potential. We will have to do everything to win the game at home. "

Before his people, Mogi lost to San Lorenzo in the debut, but then won the key game against Biguá. How important is the locality? "I think it's very important and there are than to make it worth doing a good game. It is the starting point for the series, to go to close it to Argentina. We have to leave everything on the court, our team has many casualties, but we must look for strong points and attack their points weak. I think it's the key to winning the match. This is great to play local and visitor. This way there are better matches. "

For the injuries of several key players like Alexey and Joao Pedro plus Fulvio's loss in the Last window, Danilo Fuzaro had to play more minutes and has more prominence in the team, and says: "I'm very happy in Mogi, with the space they give me. I play with a lot of confidence and that's great. Guerrinha has given me everything , brought me and I think it's the best moment of my career, that's why I always look forward and achieve greater goals. "

The series between Mogi Das Cruzes and Quimsa will start on 15 this month in San Pablo, and will move to Santiago del Estero on 19 and the 21, in the case of having third game.