14 October, 2019
15 March, 2020
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"We had a tough opponent"

The last window smiled at Fuerza Regia, because after three defeats, He was able to win the defining match against Capitanes and got into the playoffs. The Mexican team will face Flamengo in the quarterfinals, one of the best in the first phase and the most powerful in the Basketball Champions League Americas.

Cristian Cortés had not seen action in the contest until that last window, where he was the great figure in 77-64 before Capitanes. The Argentine owner said: "We were changing the team for the tight schedule in the mexican league with Joshua Ibarra and Joshua Ramírez we join in the third window. The results could not be given to the team before, but we were given the last one, when we needed it most. I am happy to contribute to the institution whenever it touches us. The work is collective, but it makes me happy. "

Flamengo will be the next rival of Fuerza Regia, in a tremendous duel, the Brazilian team being one of the three undefeated of the BCLA (the others are San Lorenzo and Real Estelí). And Cortés said: "He is a very tough opponent, I know Balbi, Olivinha, Marquinhos, his best players well. We are starting the playoffs in Mexico and the games that follow do not leave us much time to see the details of how Flamengo plays. Hopefully everything can be organized to compete with the best possible team and that we are up to the task. It is important to start from the premises, do it with the right foot, because later in Rio de Janeiro it will be complicated. This of the Playoffs is great because the competition format is very attractive. "

The 29-year-old from Rosario was close to leaving basketball a few years ago due to a difficult rehabilitation injury (bones in the insertion of the two tendons of Achilles). But he recovered and today shines in the Mexican league, which he says: "It is very competitive and growing, with new teams, great quality of players, many young people appear. The growth of the league goes hand in hand with that. In Fuerza Regia I have to be in one of the most traditional institutions in Mexico. The league wants to consolidate as the best in Latin America. "

The series between Fuerza Regia and Flamengo will start on 16 this month in Monterrey. And continue in Rio de Janeiro, 19 and 21 if a third game is necessary.