14 October, 2019
31 October, 2020
Los Rubens, una leyenda en Franca
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"Franca is very important for my life"

He comes and goes, he grabs his head, clenches his fist when somelauch comes in. Perhaps with a different character from his father, but with the same passion for basketball and especially for Franca. Helinho, as Hélio RubensGarcía Filho is best known is the son of the historic Hélio Rubens, a Brazilian player and coach who marked an era in world basketball. Tonight his son, precisely, will go through a new chapter in the history of Franca when he faces San Lorenzo in the third game in the quarterfinal series of the Basketball Champions League Americas, looking to get into the top four of the tournament.

"It doesn't matter now if we win by 6 or lose by 15, the issue is to win or we are eliminated. The series is tied 1-1 and we have to be focused to win in Buenos Aires. San Lorenzo is a great team. To qualify we have to Start with defensive, and get the volume of play from them. We must have a strong return so as not to suffer kickbacks. No doubt you win in defense, it will be a more disputed match, with more contact, "says Helinho about the defining game of the quarter series, in Boedo.

The coach of Franca today shone as a player and is now doing a great job as a coach. Is the profession very different? "I think coach work is very complicated and you learn all the time. Four years ago I am a DT and It is much more complex. We have to try 15 players with different mentalities, but it is a pleasure when they are engaged and things are achieved. The coach never stops learning because there are new problems that arise every days, living with humans is complicated, heh. The important thing is when the day ends and you enjoy the simple things in life, like my wife and two daughters. "

I like the format of the BCLA a lot and I think it will be better and better. For basketball lovers, the tournament is sensational."

His relationship with his father is special, no doubt. Hélio Rubens every so often travels with his son's team to accompany him, to give him some other advice and Helinho says: "I think we have two different ways of working as a coach. He always tells me that my way of relationship is better because he is half crooked, heh. He is always talking to me and giving me advice. We both work with great intensity and honesty, those concepts are the same. Franca is very important in my life and for my family because it is the city where I was born, where I played most of my career, and now as a coach. It is a great pride and pleasure to enjoy the energy that Franca has with basketball. "

Franca is facing the possibility of leaving San Lorenzo on the road, the team that has dominated the continent in recent years. Does this squad run by Helinho have something special? "This Franca has committed, high players level and winners that deserve respect. We played two championships and won both, first the state and then Super 8. That tournament was very important because we were able to obtain a national title after 11 years. That gives us confidence To go the right way. I believe a lot, we have prepared ourselves and the game against San Lorenzo is a real final, I see myself in the semifinals. "