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Team Dominican Republic (DOM)
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Vucinic, Antigua on opposite sides of same 'shooting coin'

BILBAO (FIBA Basketball World Cup) - The commonest reaction that came out at the end of the Dominican Republic's 76-63 Group C win over New Zealand was "shooting" from different points of view.

The Dominican Republic bounced back into contention, shrugging off their opening day’s defeat to Ukraine, thus but for the Tall Blacks the task of advancing to the Round of 16 just got that much more difficult after the second successive defeat.

"We made some shots," said coach Orlando Antigua after the Dominicans hit 32 of their 67 field attempts.

Meanwhile, his counterpart Nenad Vucinic wasn't too pleased with how his team performed.

"You don't shoot just 22 percent in your three-pointer attempts and expect to win," he bemoaned.

"And that had a lot to do with the loss. I wish this kind of a game didn't happen today. It could have happened yesterday or in the next game (against the USA).

"The Dominican Republic was certainly one of the teams we had targeted for a win. It is certainly disappointing to lose this game.

"Probably the most disappointing stats is the rebounds.

"We know we are in a very difficult situation now. We have to depend a lot on what happens in other games now. But we will play hard in the next three games."

Where Vucinic was depressed, Antigua was upbeat.

"We played the kind of basketball we are capable of," said the 41-year-old, who will take charge of the University of South Florida after Spain 2014.

"We moved the ball around better and got some open shots and made them. Defensively, I think we did well to make it difficult for a talented team like New Zealand to take their shots.

"We will take it one game at a time," Antigua said of his team's last three Group C fixtures. "We have been doing that so far and we'll continue to keep things simple.

"But I would say this: I'm sure every coach out there has said this. This is the World Cup. Every team is good to get to the World Cup. There are no easy games, there are no bad teams."