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Which Asian league stars have had the biggest scoring games this season? VOTE NOW

BEIRUT (Lebanon) - As a basketball fan, one of the most entertaining rushes in a viewing is watching as a player just can’t seem to stop scoring. That player might just keep on knocking down long range three-pointers even with defenders draped all over him or continuously shake off the defense for bucket after bucket. As the points start piling up and the total gets higher and higher, you start wondering if that player will ever stop scoring and how much they will have at the end of the game.

Once the final buzzer sounds, you can finally soak in what had just happened and say that you had just witnessed something special.

Here are the top scoring performances from this past season in leagues across Asia!

Stats and information updated as of May 13, 2019.

Lin Shu Wei (Fubon Braves, Chinese-Taipei Super Basketball League)

40 points vs Taiwan Beer (December 2, 2018)

15-29 field goal shooting
7-14 three-point shooting
3-3 free-throw shooting

(Lin Shu Wei, Photo Credit: SBL)

Lin has by far been the best player on the championship team (Fubon Braves) in the SBL and this 40-piece helped solidify his case early in the season.

The game was an instant classic between the two top teams in the league, going to double-overtime before Taiwan Beer went away with a 106-100 win. Don’t let that distract you from the fact that Lin not only set the season-high in scoring for local players, it was the most points scored by all players as well. Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor’s Walter Sharpe would tie Lin’s output 20 days later, but this still stands as the best scoring performance by a local player in the regular season of this SBL season.


Lin had the hot-hand right out of the games, scoring 18 points in the first quarter and knocking down 4 of 5 triples. The loss puts a slight dent into the record-setting game, but the Braves swept the Taiwan beer in the SBL Finals in the end and Lin Shu Wei (or Joseph Lin) got a shout-out from his NBA star big brother, Jeremy Lin, on Instagram.


Kim Sun-Hyung (Seoul SK Knights, Korean Basketball League)

49 points vs Busan KT Supersonic (January 5, 2019)

19-29 field goal shooting
3-7 three-point shooting
8-13 free-throw shooting


(Kmi Sun-Hyung, Photo Credit: KBL)

The star of FIBA Asia Champions Cup 2018 third-place finishing team put up a performance that will not only stand out as one of the best of the 2018-2019 KBL season, but one of the best in the entire history of the league.


The 49 points scored by Kim is the 3rd highest point total ever in KBL history, though many will regard it as the best ever as the other two records are still marred with controversy. Adding on to the lore of this game is how it helped the SK Knights avoid reaching a 10-game losing streak. Kim had to take over the game in overtime to eventually claim a 91-90 victory. The Knights had a relatively poor season as the defending KBL champions and Kim has been hampered with injuries, but he can look back at this game with pride.

Unlike the aforementioned Lin who got things going right from the start, Kim scored only 6 points in the entire first half. He then dropped 17 in the third, 14 in the fourth, before piling on 12 points by himself in the extra period session.


Wu Qian (Zhejiang Golden Bulls, Chinese Basketball Association)

49 points vs Tianjin Gold Lions (January 27, 2019)

17-30 field goal shooting
10-17 three-point shooting
5-5 free-throw shooting

A quick way to score loads of points is by launching the long three ball. That’s what Wu Qian did in this game against Tianjin, setting the highest scoring total in the CBA by a local player from the past 12 seasons.


Wu was stroking right from the start, at one point outscoring the opposing team all by himself in the first quarter. After the first 12 minutes of action, Wu already had accumulated 24 points which was also the most anyone has scored in a single quarter this season. In that first interval, the national team forward also knocked down a perfect 8-8 three-pointers on his way to setting a personal-high of 10 threes.

In a league with guys like Yi Jianlian, Guo Ailun, and Wang Zhelin, Wu Qian can hold his head high knowing he secured the record for most points scored in a game for this 2018-2019 season.

(Wu Qian, Photo Credit: CBA)

Fadi El-Khatib (Champville, Alfa Lebanese Basketball League)

33 points vs Byblos (February 3, 2019)

9-21 field goal shooting
3-7 three-point shooting
12-13 free-throw shooting

(Fadi El-Khatib, Photo Credit: FLB)

The Lebanese Basketball League is as intense and physical as it gets in Asia, so to score in bunches is already a highly-regarded feat on its own already. For a 39-year-old forward to score 33 points in a tightly-contested game just says a lot about the quality of that player.

Of course, we already know that the legendary El-Khatib is capable of such games and it never gets old watching him put up big time performances like this one. Champville’s ace had been consistent all season long, leading all local players with 22.1 points per game and this league season-high output in early February is just another day at work.


Champville ended up edging Byblos 83-79 with El-Khatib’s 10 fourth-quarter points and 2 ice cold free-throws in the final seconds of the game.


Kosuke Kanamaru (Aishin SeaHorses Mikawa, Japanese B.League)

41 points vs Akita Nothern Happinets (February 11, 2019)

10-21 field goal shooting
6-11 three-point shooting
15-15 free-throw shooting

There shouldn’t be any surprise here that Kanamaru holds the season-high record for the B.League, right? The 30-year-old sharpshooter secured his second B.League scoring title this year after a second place finish last season and has always been known for his ability to shoot the lights out.

(Kosuke Kanamaru, Photo Credit: B.League)

Kanamaru has flirted with getting a 40-piece time and again earlier in his career, finally doing so not once, but twice this year. Just before the end of 2018, he had already dropped 40 on the Toyama Grouses before edging past that record with 41 in this close game against the Akita Northern Happinets.

SeaHorses Mikawa needed all of those 41 points as well to squeak by the Happinets 95-94 with Kanamaru scoring 18 points in the third quarter alone.


June Mar Fajardo (San Miguel Beermen, Philippines Basketball Association)

40 points vs Northport Batang Pier (March 10, 2019)

14-15 field goal shooting
0-0 three-point shooting
12-16 free-throw shooting

The other 5 top scorers listed above needed the benefit of extra points for scoring from beyond the arc to reach their records, but “The Kraken” June Mar Fajardo relied on sheer size and brute force to get his way to the 40-point mark.


There isn’t much that can slow down Fajardo in the PBA and that was evident as the 2.08M (6’10”) big man keep on bullying the poor defenders in the post. He occasionally stepped out for a long range two, possibly just to show off that he has a sweet stroke as well.

Fajardo’s shooting skills came in handy, as Northport couldn’t even stop him by fouling him to earn his points at the line where he shot an impressive 75 percent in this game. The 29-year-old already has four 40-point games in his PBA career, adding another one here with it being the highest scoring total so far in this PBA season.

(June Mar Fajardo, Photo Credit: PBA)

Who do you think has had the best scoring game so far this season?