FIBA Asia Cup 2017 Draw Ceremony
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Procedures for FIBA Asia Champions Cup 2017 Draw Ceremony

BEIJING (FIBA Asia Champions Cup) - The FIBA Asia Champions Cup 2017 draw ceremony will take place on Friday, August 25 in Beijing, China.

The 26th edition of the FIBA Asia Champions Cup will be played in Chenzhou, China from 22-30 September and will feature the participation of Asia’s top 10 clubs from China, Japan, Thailand, Chinese Taipei, Lebanon, Palestine, Iran, Kazakhstan, UAE and India.

Teams will be distributed into three (3) pots according to their geographical location. Teams will be drawn from the selected pots starting with pot 1 and so on into the respective two groups (A & B)

Pot 1: Central Asia – South Asia – South East Asia – Gulf
Pot 2: All 3 West Asia Teams
Pot 3: East Asia's 2 teams

Defending champions China Kashgar (Xinjiang Guanghui) will have the option to choose the group they want to be part of.

The Ten (10) teams will be divided into groups of two with five (5) teams in each group. The top four (4) teams will advance to the quarter-finals.

For more about the competition system click here

The tournament will be played in a knockout format from the Quarter-Finals onwards (Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, Final).