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13 - 17
July 2016
14 Andrea Torres (CAN)
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This one is special for Canada's Torres

VALDIVIA (2016 FIBA Americas U18 Women) - One of the great stories out of the 2016 FIBA Americas U18 Women’s Championship comes out of Canada’s Andrea Torres and her connection to the host country of the competition. Torres has Chilean heritage to the point her grandfather played for the country’s national team back in the day.

In her international debut, Torres scored 7 points in 10 minutes of play for a Canadian team that dominated Mexico to the tune of 87-56.

It was a close game in the first half but Canada came out hot in the third and quickly opened up a 20-point lead on a Mexican team that could not compete in the paint. Canada won the rebounding battle 61-31.  

Torres spoke to FIBA.com after the win.

FIBA.com: What are your thoughts on Canada’s dominating debut against Mexico?
Torres: It was a good game. At first it was a bit high and low. We came out strong and Mexico did too but we kept playing. Second half was big and we won. That was our first goal in the championship, start with a victory.

FIBA.com: What about your performance?
Torres: It was okay. Not my best but not my worst. I can do better but in the end this is about the team. I’m happy that we got the W and I’m sure I’ll get better as the tournament moves forward.

FIBA.com: How exciting is it for you to be playing in Chile?
Torres: It’s amazing. To be playing for my country at the country that is half of me...it’s an incredible feeling.

FIBA.com: Your grandfather even played for the national team.
Torres: Basketball is everything for him. He played here and played very well. He’s always been of great help in my development, showing me tricks to avoid being too nervous and maintain focus. I know he is very proud of this situation and me playing in this tournament. It’s very special to have that connection and be able to live this experience. I’ll always treasure it.

FIBA.com: Tomorrow you play Chile. What are your and the team’s expectations for the game?
Torres: It’ll be special for me and a real treat. I’ll be excited for it. And as a team we’ll play better, we’ll be stronger. Our focus is on keep growing as a team and winning, we’ll keep working hard to achieve it.