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8 Augusto MATOS (Mozambique)
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Augusto Matos returns as Mozambique prepare for inaugural FIBA AfroCan

MAPUTO (Mozambique) - Augusto Matos may have missed a number of key games for his country in recent months, but he is now set to return for the inaugural FIBA AfroCan 2019.

The 28-year-old was a no-show during last month's Africa Zone 6 Qualifier in Zimbabwe where his peers came up with 3-1 mark to join the 12-team competition scheduled for Bamako, Mali from July 19-28. 

Matos, who plays for Portuguese side Terceira Basket, joins a talented preliminary squad that includes his twin brother Pio Matos and forward Klaus Bunguele, who recently claimed the 2019 MVP honours to help A Politecnica win the capital city Maputo' Championship.

Mozambique's 20-player preliminary squad for FIBA AfroCan 2019
Klaus Bunguele Milton Caifaz Davide Canivete Inelcio Chire
Elves Houana Carlos Marinze Ayad Munguambe Hugo Martins
Augusto Matos Pio Matos Dercio Mula Ismael Nurmamade
Ermelindo Novela Orlando Novela Mirlon Paruque Asmilton Ribeiro
Nilton Seifane Lote Tonela Manuel Uamasse  Helton Ubisse

Mozambique assistant coach in recent years, Milagre Macome - who was instrumental in the regional Qualifiers against Zambia and Zimbabwe last month - is also set to make a major appearance as head coach for the first time since 2013 when the Southern Africans claimed a 2-3 mark in the FIBA AfroBasket in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire.

Matos last featured for Mozambique in February 2018

After failing to advance to the Second Round of the FIBA Basketball World Cup African Qualifiers 2019, FIBA AfroCan 2019 marks Mozambique's major continental appearance.