Endorsement terms and process

Any tournament can be easily integrated into the worldwide Competition Network thanks to FIBA's simple and effective endorsement process, providing the organiser with everything required to host a truly great tournament.

Endorsement grants organisers access to the FIBA 3x3 Event Maker competition management software and ensures them worldwide exposure and secures the right to use the official FIBA 3x3 Endorsed stamp. Organisers also benefit from in-depth expertise and best practices thanks to the 3x3 Workbook for Organisers.

To receive endorsement, a tournament must meet the following requirements:

  • Register all participating players in www.3x3planet.com allowing them to get a 3x3 player profile and be individually ranked
  • Communicate all tournament results to FIBA by using the 3x3 Event Maker.
  • Play according to the 3x3 Rules of the Game available at www.fiba.basketball/3x3